SELCO Community Credit Union Mobile App Reviews

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New update 8/18 shows no due dates

Two things I REALLY dislike about the updated app (8/2018): 1.) Where is my “next payment due” info? I thought it was maybe buried down a click of 2, but it is GONE. This gets especially tricky with Visa. If I pay “too early”, it does not count toward next month. I also try to pay ahead on my car loan and like to see that. Please bring it back! (Hoping I can at least still see from my computer.) 2.) When it saves my account #, I can see it instead of it being “starred out”. Is this because I okayed fingerprint access? I don’t want a shoulder surfer to know my account #, thank you. Also, in the new interface, each subaccount takes too much room; can’t see everything at once like the old summary. Sorry, not impressed with this upgrade and wish I could go back.

Better, but not there yet

Thanks SELCO for Touch ID, but still can’t access statements, no “safe to spend” feature, no ability to customize interface to see what I want, no “auto-save” feature, no dashboards against saving goals. I would also really like to see Photo Pay functionality. I give you six months. But not holding my breath....

New update is awful

Always “loading” and have yet to be able to sign in to my account.

New app is awful

New app is absolutely awful. Cant even see pending transactions anymore. What a joke.

New update

Loved this app before but now it takes forever to load, if it actually ends up loading

Gets the job done

Nothing flashy or fancy but gets the job done. Would like to have the option for giving a description for transfers using the app. —— I like the new update. We can now leave descriptions for transfers which was a long overdue feature. App has a fresh new look. Some new items for the wish list: 1) Ability to initiate IRA transfers using the app. 2) Save another member as a transfer option (like you can save payees in Bill Pay). We use this feature quite a bit in my house and it would be nice to not need to enter the recipient’s account information each time we transfer money. 3) I feel like the account info for each account takes up a lot of unnecessary real estate. I have a bunch of different shares that I use for budgeting purposes and I have to do a lot of scrolling to see all of my accounts, whereas I had a full snapshot on the old app. It would be nice to have some customization ability there. Keep up the good work, Selco!

No update in two years?

I just switched from B of A to selco, and this app his just horrible. The B of A app was easy to use and easy to see everything, but this app is so old and outdated, I’m almost regretting my decision on switching banks because of this since I use the mobile banking app every day.. please release a new and updated version!

A neglected mobile app

It's been 16 months since the last update. Is that because it's so good it doesn't need improvement? Hardly.

Poor app for check deposits

I opened my account in June. As I see still only 3 reviews on here which include mine. Still trouble with capturing checks for deposit. Yes it is nice that it's a quick to the point app when it comes to my account activity. That I love, DO NOT CHANGE THAT. I love the pending activity tab also!!! Would be nice to have thump print recognition. The manage my card app has it; but not this one, hmmm? 🤔

Needs to be updated!

The app is not easy for mobile transfers or to look at loans you have pulled out.. Much easier to use online webpage for it. This app needs a update, or new version. I do love SELCO though! It's a great credit union just old app!

Good, but not for mobile transfers

Good app, easy to use and has pretty much anything you need for mobile banking. However, the app fails to meet customer needs for mobile transfers. Whenever a mobile transaction is made, the transaction note becomes 'Mobile transfer'. There is no option to change this. When looking back on my transaction history I do not always remember what those transfers were for. Because of this I have not other choice but to make all transfers from home, which is very inconvenient. Selco missed the boat on this one. I cannot do mobile banking the way I would like to, which brings my review down from 5 stars to 3 stars. Would really like to see this overlooked feature soon as it should have been included in the release of the app.

A Very Useful App, but a Bad Aesthetic

Ever since I opened a Selco account, everything has been great. I immediately downloaded the app so that I could keep up with my purchases and to also do mobile deposit. The money transfers to my account fast, usually in the same day, and all of my purchases and transactions show up right as they come through. The money holds and estimations of how much I'll have after that money is taken away is great, too. It is very useful. There's only one thing to complain about and that is the look of it. It is just really dated and kind of ugly. I don't mind using the app, but it would be awesome to have that flatter design implemented into the app so that it matches iOS. Also, improve it to be able to make the larger screen more useful. Maybe even add a page where users can track how much they've spent in a day-week by a chart or graph? Just an idea.

Mobil deposit doesn't work

Please fix the crashing. It happens when you take the picture of the back of a check in the Mobil deposit section of the app.

Annoying login process

I was really disappointed after the last update. When you go to login, you have to answer an automated phone call giving you a 5-digit number. Then either write it down or remember it to type in before you can login. And this is every time you login! Really inconvenient! Haven't had this issue with any other banking apps.

Nice new abilities

I like the new look and feel, the ability to schedule bill payments and am glad the transfer to any member feature is now in mobile banking as well. I love mobile deposit, that is super duper awesome.

SELCO Application Security

The SELCO application is great except for the fact that even when it times out, it leaves your account open for browsing for about 3 cycles and then it finally really closes your accounts off. So PLEASE lock your phone or others can view your accounts should your phone be stolen. It is an application flaw that desperately needs to be fixed. The previous SELCO application worked that way....

Error message

I have had this app for a long time, and am just getting a error message every time I try to sign in. Please help!


Great app and easy to use!

Great app

I love all the tools and easy access to my account info. I definitely recommend this for SELCO members!

Great app

Excellent layout. Love the new bill pay.

Great new features!

Love the new bill pay feature and ability to view cleared checks! App is easy to use and looks nice too.

Not Good

Since the update, I have not been able to log in... Very frustrating and then I get locked out.

Love it

Love the app and love SELCO. Also experienced iPad issue. I switched between portrait and landscape modes and now it works both ways!

Major improvement

The new updates are great. The app now has more function and is easy to use.

Not working on iPad 3

Gray screen of death alas.

Update not working for ipad2

Did a up grade for this app. Sorry to say it started to load after down loading it. And all I got was a front page and then it went to a gray screen and is not working. Found that it works on my iPhone 4S. So it's half way working.


Get an error every time I login with their app and with their mobile site. Pretty awesome, wait no.


I really like this ap except for the fact of not being able to transfer money to my other financial institutions from the phone.

Insanely awesome.

This app us why I use Selco for checking. Just say I'm waiting in line at a store. Right there I can check my balance and transfer money if I need to. It's so easy. The app is well designed, fast, easy to use, and very useful. The only thing I would add would be low balance push notifications.


It is faster than using the web interface, and way better than my other credit union's mobile banking. Thank you SELCO!


Love this app ! Easy to use and swich in between accounts. Transfering funds is very easy ! LOVE IT.


My daily BM is more reliable than this app.

iPhone 4 w/4.1 no-go

How can it earn more than a star if it doesn't even work? Big disappointment so far!

Handy app jpimpin money wasup

I personally love it transfer ,check balances and even see your loans =) , it could use a nicer more cooler look

it was good until now

it worked great until the newest update now it crashes everytime i enter my password in.

Simple but functional app

Can do you everything this app can on Selco's mobile website, of course but this app is still simpler and faster to use than then website particularly when you are on a slow 3G or Edge connection. I use this app every day, now here's hoping that they quickly update it to resolve the crash issue on iPhone 4.

Somewhere between so-so and slightly bad

The app includes the basics, which makes it useful. However, the interface is pretty bad. To name a few problems: There's no search within transactions. The interface tends to use the less meaningful account codes rather than account names. E.g. "CHK#*0010" instead of "checking", which is a real issue when it comes to credit lines, loans, etc. The "button" to transfer is kind of hidden at the bottom. The interface is fairly unpolished. The graphs are nice and somewhat useful. I'm still glad to have the app. It's a start. I just hope there are *huge* improvements later on.

Graphs freeze

When trying to load graphs it acts like it is doing something but after awhile shuts itself down

Stick to the Safari version

The app is not ready for prime time. It's slow and clunky. It has limited functionality compared to the mobile web site. An app should be employed to streamline the experience. Here it appears to exist just for it's own sake. It's best to take it down and retool it.

good app

this is the best app

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